The capital city of the dwarves.


The north was once a gathering of settlements of several dwarven clans spanning across the mountains. One of the more powerful clans, clan Blackaxe, looked to bring the clans together. The dwarven settlements were in a constant state of petty wars and feuds with one another. The Blackaxe clan sought to end this tradition.

Dru’th was the leader of the Blackaxe clan. He was young to be held in such high regard, but he did so admirably. Uniting the clans caused a civil war amongst the dwarves, with most of the clans siding with Dru’th in efforts to reform the north. Many lives were lost in the war but in the end, the Blackaxe clan had accomplished their goals.

When the war ended the Blackaxe clan became royalty and Dru’th was named king. Northridge united under a single banner with the Blackaxe sigil. Lesser clans kept their sigils as representation of the people of the kingdom, which was a welcomed notion by the king. Dru’th was known for his humility and generosity.

He ruled for nearly a century, sparking trade with the southern towns of Aelgate and Stonemoore, then eventually the gnomes of Tumunzir after their discovery. Northridge built a great army, a military force that none could rival, armed with weapons and armors the greatest smiths of Northridge could fashion. They seemed to be a beacon in the darkness.

Then, suddenly it seemed as if the dwarves vanished. Trade stopped coming from the north and caravans from the south were met with a closed gate.

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This is where the campaign I’m running happens. Kadyn Blackaxe was a child when Northridge was attacked. He and three of his cousins escaped through a mining tunnel and ran to the south. Now, 50 years or so later, they are trying to go back.

Once they get back, they meet a demon. This demon offers them a deal. He will restore the kingdom to the way it was before he took over along with all the citizens that still lived if Kadyn and his cousins (along with the party) bring him an artifact. This artifact is a blade found in beneath a temple of Alten in Dolinde. The blade is rusted and detached from a hilt. It’s literally just a rusted blade that doesn’t look like anything special. This blade was one in a set of two swords crafted from the metal harvested from a fallen star.

Once the blade is brought back to the demon, he keeps true to his word and restores the kingdom. It doesn’t appear as though any of the dwarves had even aged.

Roughly a month or so later, the party sees a giant humanoid fall from the sky and crash into the ocean. This is the god Alten, who the demon killed. In order to become a god, you must kill a god. This causes the demon to ascend into godhood.

Then the armies of Dolinde are declaring war on Northridge while other cults and followers of less-than-righteous gods are declaring their allegiance to Northridge.

Introduce tyrannical Northridge dwarves here…

Dru’th Blackaxe has been the prisoner of a very powerful demon for nearly half a century. The residiual magical energy, along with any malicious intent, corrupted the mind of Dru’th, causing his humility te become pride and his generosity to become greed.

Dru’th meets Dolinde’s forces in war and begins to take territory.

Other Stuff!

Northridge is carved out of the mountains. Like Moria. There’s basically an entrance that looks like a giant dwarven face with a bridge leading into the dwarf’s mouth. This is the main gate into Northridge.


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